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Company Profile


Jowell Global Ltd. (the “Company”) is one of the leading cosmetics, health and nutritional supplements and household products e-commerce platforms in China. We offer our own brand products to customers and also sell and distribute health and nutritional supplements, cosmetic products and certain household products from other companies on our platform. In addition, we allow third parties to open their own stores on our platform for a service fee based upon sale revenues generated from their online stores and we provide them with our unique and valuable information about market needs, enabling them to better manage their sales effort, as well as an effective platform to promote their brands. We currently operate under four sales channels: Online Direct Sales, Authorized Retail Store Distribution, Third-party Merchants and Live streaming marketing.

The Company is a holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands and conducts its business through Shanghai Juhao Information Technology Co., Ltd., an variable interest entity (“VIE”) of the Company. Shanghai Juhao started its operation in 2012 and was among the first membership-based online-to-offline cosmetics, health and nutritional supplements and household products e-commerce platforms in China. Today, we offer an online platform, LHH Mall, through Shanghai Juhao, selling our own brand products manufactured by third parties as well as international and domestic branded products from 200+ manufacturers. Shanghai Juhao holds an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) certificate approved by the Shanghai Communication Administration pursuant to the requirement of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China.

Since August 2017, we have also been selling our products through authorized retail stores all across China. Operating under the brand name of “Love Home Store” or “LHH Store”, the authorized retailers may operate as independent stores or store-in-shop (an integrated store), selling products that they purchased through our online platform LHH Mall under their retailers accounts which provide them with major discounts. We have relationships with leading cosmetics, and health and nutritional supplements manufacturers and distributors in China, which allows us not only to have access to high-quality products to sell on our platform, but also to leverage such relationships to supply our own brand products. By connecting these suppliers/distributors with our online sales and offline authorized stores, we have created a system that brings convenience and cost savings to our customers.